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About Us

Kasido comes from the Sanskrit word “KASHIDA” – one of the oldest forms of embroidery.

Our products, hand-made jewellery and hand-bags, are beautifully hand-crafted by skilled artisans across Asia.

We combine different raw materials, bright colors and many design philosophies to create one-of-a-kind products for you.


Something about me....

Who am I? My name is Dhara, but friends call me Dee.... I'm a happy, creative soul... who also happens to be a trained jewellery designer.

My passion? Designing (of course), dancing, painting and everything else creative.

My love.... Being a Mom, Smiles and Dark Chocolate.

My wish? To make everything colourful and spread happiness all around me!

My inspiration? My family.... and my style guru -- Iris Apfel.

My Goal? Live, Love and Laugh!


A little bit about our packaging.....

Our eco-friendly cloth baheregs are hand-made by a group of women from a small village named Paalaguttapalle in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Not only will these bags carry your Kasido products home... they can be reused multiple times thereafter.

Learn more about them - by clicking here